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We’re Fluid. The Agency of The North. With more experience than we care to mention, we’re creative thinkers with a can do attitude, which means we’ve thrown out all the negative agency stereotypes and adopted a far more positive approach. We can turn our talents to everything from advertising and design to social media and serious strategy. But everyone says that don’t they? What you really want to know is if you like our stuff?

And more importantly, if you’ll like us? Well, we’re pretty sure we have cornered the market in Northern charm. In fact we’re a friendly bunch who like to have lots of fun doing what we do best. But we’re not afraid to voice our opinion, if we think there is a better way to sell your product or service, we’ll say so. That’s enough about us. Crack on and take a look at some of our work.


Clients are the best judge of the design and marketing communication services any agency provides. The Recommended Agency Register (RAR) helps clients find good agencies that fit their needs. RAR ask clients to rate their current agency on a range of activities such as customer service, creativity, effectiveness, value for money etc. We’re dead proud that we’ve have been highly rated by our clients and are part of the Recommended Agency Register.



The fantastic chaps here at Fluid have only gone and won a coveted Chip and two saucy Vinegars at this year’s Chip Shop Awards.


At Fluid we love all things creative. So much so we wrote the book on it! Well, a book anyway. Why not see for yourselves and download a copy right here.



We’ve been around the block a bit and are really good at quickly getting to grips with understanding your product, your target market and what makes them tick. We build this into a cohesive marketing strategy that incorporates your brand positioning, key messaging, the language you should use and the best tactics for grabbing the attention of your audience. And then of course we can manage and deliver the tactical piece too. How’s that for service? 


OK, so admittedly we can sometimes be an excitable bunch, but whenever we get asked to bring a brand to life, it never fails to make us giddy.  We’re equally at home starting with a blank piece of paper as we are with a tight brief (now now, steady on), so can build a brand from scratch, or develop your existing branding in ways you never thought possible.


Creative Communications are our bread and butter.  From internal communications activities and brochures to advertising campaigns and magazines, and the whole lot of stuff in the middle.


We don’t want to bang on about it, but we are green through and through. In fact we’ve been doing the sustainability thing for so long, that we were doing it long before it even had a name. Getting your green message across without being all evangelical about is a fine balance, but one which you can crack (with our help of course).



Between us we reckon we have been involved in well over 1,000 events all over the world, with budgets ranging from £5,000 to £900,000, so not a lot fazes us. We can design your brand presence at a show, or take over the logistics of the whole shebang.


Your digital footprint will be around for a long time to come, so it’s important to get it right. We’ve lost count of the number of websites and apps we have designed and built for a whole host of clients, and they can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be.


Email campaigns, Pay Per Click, SEO, online advertising and viral mean we have all the digital bases covered.


Getting your message across using video as a media can be harder than it looks. It’s very easy to be cheesy. Using the right images, voices, people and filming style can be the difference between an Oscar winning performance and a rotten tomato. We’ll steer you well clear of the latter.





Let the dog see the rabbit!

Southwark Recycling Campaign

Veolia, working in partnership with Southwark Council, wanted to increase the borough’s recycling rates even further than they have over recent years. They wanted a campaign that would encourage local participation in kerbside recycling and increase visits to the local household recycling centres. Our eye-catching and vibrant ‘Let’s all recycle more together’ campaign used direct mail, outdoor media (48 sheets, 6 sheets, phone boxes) and calendar leaflet drops to engage with our audience.

Download the full case study here.

NHS Smoking Film

The Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust treat 1000s of patients every year,many of which are smokers. They wanted to push the message to their staff that offering their patients help with quitting smoking is really important, and any contact you have with a smoker could be an opportunity to bring up the topic. The NHS Trust policy on smoking is ‘ask’, ‘advise’ and ‘refer’.  We needed to communicate to all staff that by following these three easy steps you could be saving a life. We produced a short film to be played at conferences, events, during training and in staff areas. The film was emotive and told the story of a man who had been asked time and time again if he wanted any help and advice with quitting, and finally he said he did. This short and powerful film was very well received by staff.

Veolia Tangram Animated Film

Veolia had recently developed its new business strategy and wanted a creative way to communicate it to the wider business, which at the time was approximately 15,000 employees. There were several elements to the strategy and we would only be speaking to senior staff directly during a series of presentations and then asking them to filter the information down to their teams. The business strategy was essentially based on the idea of turning old things into new things. With this in mind, we developed an identity for the strategy based on the ancient Japanese  puzzle, the ‘Tangram’. The Tangram game is a series of shapes which slot together to form a perfect square. But taken apart, the pieces can form all kinds of other shapes too.

This film was used in Veolia’s recent management conference to show the progress of their strategy.

SELCHP Energy Recovery Facility Video

This animation was produced to explain the process at our clients Energy Recovery Facility in London called SELCHP (pronounced ‘sell chip’). From creating the storyboard to writing the script and producing and animating the graphics we created an informative and engaging animation. The film was used at a launch event for the facility’s new district heating network in Southwark that will provide heat to 2,600 homes and is also used on the company’s website.

NHS Trust Induction Film

The Royal Free London Foundation Trust contacted us to create a film to help celebrate their acquisition of Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trusts.  The acquisition brought together two existing NHS trusts, based across three main hospital sites and with staff numbers in excess of 9000, to be part of one organisation. As part of the communications support of the acquisition Fluid were brought in to help create material to enable staff to feel engaged with and pride in, the enlarged organisation.

We created a film that was uplifting, inspiring and motivating and showed how members of staff are playing their part in delivering world class care and expertise at the trust and demonstrated how the trust is already achieving this through references to the trust’s combined history and achievements. The film generated a sense of pride for the trust for new members of staff, with the video being shown at the beginning of each staff corporate induction.



UTC Warrington

  • :

With a focus on nuclear energy and engineering, UTC Warrington is scheduled to open in September 2015. We were invited to pitch for the Statutory Consultation, Branding, Marketing & PR programme for the UTC, who had seen the work we had done for UTC@Harbourside and were thoroughly impressed! We responded as the lead agency, but invited two partner agencies to join us. Having worked with their outputs before, we invited Yes Agency to deliver the Statutory Consultation piece, and Warrington based Red Box PR were chosen for the PR elements. The challenges of this brief were very similar to that of UTC@Harbourside…

  • How can we attract an equal split of males and females into a male dominated industry?
  • How can we effectively communicate the benefits of an applied education and not be seen as a ‘drop out’ zone?
  • How can we sell the benefits of the purpose built facilities when they are unlikely to be ready until the end of the first term?
  • How can we engage with local education providers and other stakeholders to build positive relationships?
  • How can we take advantage of the employer partners extensive in-house marketing & PR capabilities?

Our deliverables for UTC Warrington include…

  • Statutory Consultation
  • A brand and creative concept
  • Website
  • Monthly PR Plan and activities (Project managed by Fluid, delivered by Red Box)
  • In-depth marketing, communications & PR plan, including all suggested activities, deliverables, messages, channels and budgets.










Veolia – Project Tangram

  • :

Veolia had recently developed its new business strategy and wanted a creative way to communicate it to the wider business, which at the time was approximately 15,000 employees. There were several elements to the strategy and we would only be speaking to senior staff directly during a series of presentations and then asking them to filter the information down to their teams. The business strategy was essentially based on the idea of turning old things into new things. With this in mind, we developed an identity for the strategy based on the ancient Japanese  puzzle, the ‘Tangram’. The Tangram game is a series of shapes which slot together to form a perfect square. But taken apart, the pieces can form all kinds of other shapes too.











Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water serves over 8 million customers across the heart of the UK, stretching from the Bristol Channel to the Humber, and from mid-Wales to the East Midlands. Fluid works with Severn Trent Water on a large number of internal communication projects ranging from infographics, newsletters, brochures, manuals, posters and even some toilets!

Response Tap – Service launch communications

  • :

ResponseTap had recently launched their new brand identity when they asked us to create a series of marketing material. We worked with the new brand guidelines to create a suite of collateral including exhibition banners, brochures and templates. We also worked with the marketing team to develop an iPad app for use by the sales team.

East Cheshire Hospice

  • :

The East Cheshire Hospice has to raise 80% of its costs every year through donations. In order to engage with the local community the hospice organise a series of fundraising activities. We were asked to create the identities for the 2014 campaigns.  Working to very tight budgets we created a series of engaging campaign identities including the annual ball, the countryside walks ‘Hike the Hill’ and ‘Starlight Walk’ and their annual calendar of events.

ELGA Service Brochure

ELGA Process Water specialises in delivering process water systems and service for the industrial, pharmaceutical, scientific and healthcare sectors. With over 200 employees, a turnover of £20 million and with over 80 years experience, they develop innovative, sustainable solutions to meet all process water needs.

We work with ELGA on a large number of projects that range from brand advertising campaigns and service brochures.

Visitor Centres

We have developed a series of Recycling Discovery Centres that are used to help communities learn about waste management, the environment and sustainability. We develop engaging environments for learning using the very latest technologies that inspire and educate schools, colleges, universities and community groups through play and interaction.

Wonder Open Days

Have you ever wondered what happens to the plastic, glass and cardboard that you recycle?  Or how garden waste is turned into compost?  Or how waste is turned into energy to power homes?

The ‘Wonder’ open days ran over 20 days that saw the UK’s leading recycling company, Veolia, throwing open it’s doors to their recycling and waste management facilities to the general public.

The campaign was part of Veolia’s strong ongoing commitment to be part of the communities in which they live and work.

Families, friends of staff and other locals all attended the days which ran across the whole of the UK. The campaign was run as a trial to gauge the level of interest from the public. It resulted in an enormous success that saw over 2,000 people having guided tours of sites such as Energy Recovery Facilities, Recycling Facilities and landfill sites.

Fluid were asked to work on all the creative for the campaign. From the initial identity to advertising, websites, banners, leaflets, on the day brochures to flags, and even developing a recycling game for the children to play.

Download the full case study

ISWA Brochure

The International Solid Waste Association is an independent and non-profit making association, working in the public interest to promote and develop sustainable waste management worldwide. ISWA has members around the world and is the only worldwide association promoting sustainable and professional waste management.

Fluid works with The ISWA to create communications that support their attendance at international conferences such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Summits. We create key pieces of marketing collateral  including in-depth printed brochures, email campaigns and landing pages.

Veolia “I Did It” Film


  • :

Fluid is amassing a great deal of experience when it comes to University Technical Colleges. Following a 5 way competitive  pitch process, we were selected  by Newhaven UTC to develop  their student recruitment and branding strategies. We worked closely with their market research company (Yes Agency) to take the outputs from the Statutory Consultation and weave them into a robust marketing and communications strategy. UTC@Harbourside, as it is now named, is set to open it’s doors in September 2015, and will specialise in Marine and Environmental engineering. We have developed their new brand and creative concept, and are currently in the process of developing key marketing materials and deliverables such as an outdoor media campaign which will assist with the objective of securing the enrolment of 120 students for their first academic year, rising to 600. UTC@Harbourside have given us many challenges…

  • How can we assist them with their aim of attracting an equal split of males and females onto their engineering courses?
  • How can we help position them as an innovative, hands-on and specialised college of education, and not as a school for the academically disengaged?
  • How can we ensure we raise awareness over a geographically dispersed and sometimes financially deprived area?
  • How can we communicate and bring-to-life the practical nature of the UTC, without losing the academic focus of the curriculum?
  • How can we engage with local schools and colleges and build positive relationships?

The approach we have developed continues to evolve and has gone through several iterations to bring it to a point where we are now seeking endorsement from all key stakeholders and investors.

County Brides

  • : County Media are a publishing house specialising in bridal and prom publications. Through their magazines, and national wedding fayre programme, they help bring engaged couples, schools and local businesses together. Our project: Fluid produce County Brides’ flagship publication – a circa 300 page annual bridal magazine that features over 100 advertisers. The beautiful perfect bound, glossy publication has a circulation of 30,000 and is distributed in local newsagents and high street stores, exclusive northwest hotel chains and at the County Brides magazine’s network of wedding fayres.


Msingi Bora Kindergarten Branding

Fluid developed a new identity for Msingi Bora Kindergarten based in Nairobi. The client was over the moon with their new look which included logo, leaflets, admission forms, stationery and a new website. Here’s what their marketing manager had to say: “Having come across a selection of Fluid’s creative outputs, they were the obvious choice to help us with the re-brand of our International Kindergarten based in Nairobi. They understood our brief from the word go, and really helped us shape and refine what our offering was and understand how we were positioned in the market. Fluid developed our brand and marketing materials, including stationery, promotional materials and our WordPress Website. Fluid made the whole process seamless, and provided us with a visually stunning, intuitive and easy to use website that we are able to update and manage ourselves, therefore reducing any reliance on outside agencies. Because WordPress is so simple, all of our staff members are able to make updates, and we have been able to easily add additional events, galleries, and calendars. Fluid gave us everything we needed from an agency and more. I can’t recommend them enough.”











Wykes Branding

SELCHP Website

Wacky Warehouse

Severn Trent Water
UTC Warrington


Msingi Bora


Wacky Warehouse
  • Fluid have a great attitude. They are really focussed on the highest levels of customer service, achieving results that are delivered on time and in budget. 

    Veolia's Marketing and Communications Director
  • I would recommend other colleagues from the NHS world to use the services of Fluid. Their attention to detail and comprehension of our National Health Service as a national treasure has been exceptional.  

    Royal Free London Hospital's Communication Manager
  • The team at Fluid added an extra dimension to our new brand, delivering excellent creative thinking and design as well as outstanding customer service. 

    Response Tap's Marketing Manager
  • Working with Fluid has been a breath of fresh air. They are really easy to work with, have a fantastic approach to customer service. I would highly recommend them. 

    ELGA Process Water's Marketing Manager
  • Fluid brought a unique blend of creativity, knowledge and vigour in response to a demanding brief. I continue to be impressed by their energy and outputs.


Here are the talented folks that make it happen



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Managing Director

Tom has an active involvement with all the agency’s major clients, and with 20 years agency experience he is highly experienced. He has worked across an array of large brands such as Henri-Lloyd, Lloyds TSB, Sage, The FA and Veolia to name a few. He also has experience working for a host of great smaller businesses. A straight talking and practical approach always mean that he gets things done. His love of design, brands, creativity and perfection is second to none. This passion sets the pace and quality for the whole agency.

E: tom@hellofluid.co.uk
Tel: 01625 410300



Creative Director

Award-winning, commercially focused and with over 25 years of industry experience for both UK and international markets, Grace’s work includes above and BTL campaigns for both retail and brand clients, and also for government.

Her work has covered all types of media, from digital and print to film/TV and radio. Grace’s philosophy is to ensure the highest standards of creativity, design and strategic thinking when approaching any brand.

Tel: 01625 410302



Head of Finance

Sophie looks after the financial and commercial issues of the business that nobody else really understands!

E: sophie@hellofluid.co.uk
T: 01625 410300



Account Director

Jennifer’s role is to manage client projects from start to finish; from taking the initial creative brief, to working closely with our studio and production department, right through to completion. Jennifer is very organised, always ensuring our clients’ needs are met and work is completed on brief, on budget, on time and to the high standard expected. Jennifer has a degree in English Literature and a background in client service and project management.

E: jennifer@hellofluid.co.uk
T: 01625 410303



Head of Strategy

Zoe’s 20 years of experience in the field of marketing & communications has taken her all over the world, including a 6 year stint in the Middle East where she held a regional marketing role covering over 40 countries for a multinational IT company. Zoe works with a range of clients delivering marketing, communications and behaviour change programmes, and engages with companies during the initial stages of their marketing strategy journey to help them carve their path.

Qualified with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and holding an MSc in Corporate Communications & Reputation Management from Manchester Business School, Zoe also lectures for Manchester Metropolitan University on Marketing & Communications, CSR and Consumer Behaviour and has worked with a wide array of global brands including AstraZeneca, Porsche, B&Q, Brother and Oracle.

E: zoe@hellofluid.co.uk



Art Director

Rob has worked in the design industry for 20 years – originally working for a number of Manchester agencies and freelancing before joining Fluid. Rob has worked on developing numerous brands in B2B and B2C.

E: rob@hellofluid.co.uk
T: 01625 410300



Senior Designer

Chris graduated from Chester University with a degree in Graphic Design in 2010. He has been with the company since the early days so now has a few years under his belt as a professional graphic designer. His passion for design and creativity has helped him learn many new skills which include designing for print, web, typography and concepts. Whether it’s a simple sticker or an annual review, Chris attacks projects with the highest standard of professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity.

E: chris@hellofluid.co.uk
T: 01625 410304



Senior Designer

Emma is a passionate and dedicated senior creative with over 10 years proven industry experience working within fully integrated design agencies, both in and around Manchester. Her experience covers a mix of both B2B and B2C clients and projects, spanning a wide variety of sectors and industries – from finance to technology, public sector to education, and beyond. Emma approaches all aspects of her work with meticulous attention to detail, curious enthusiasm and a can-do attitude.

Outside of work Emma is a snap-happy, outdoor adventurer, with a love for cider!

E: emma@hellofluid.co.uk
T:01625 410305




Sam is a skilled designer in both online and offline applications. With over five years experience his skillset includes design and development for print, animation, video and web. His passion for the digital side of design means that he is constantly keeping up to date with trends and techniques. He is a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual who enjoys the challenges of our constantly changing industry.

E: sam@hellofluid.co.uk
T:01625 410300



Junior Designer

Aaron graduated from University of Lincoln in 2013 with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design and this is his first role in a design agency. Aaron has a keen interest in illustration, typography and print, and shows a particular talent for screen-printing – designing and producing his own t-shirts when the mood takes him! A life-long Manchester United supporter, Aaron is super competitive and enthusiastic, and is looking forward to rolling up his sleeves and making his mark with our clients. Outside of work, we hear Aaron makes a mean flat-white thanks to a previous role as a Barista….although we have yet to try one…

E: aaron@hellofluid.co.uk
T:01625 410300




Andrew comes to us as a fresh faced account handler with bags of enthusiasm and a willingness to impress. Having spent 2 years with McCann Manchester, Andrew is no stranger to managing the demands of clients and using his own initiative to solve the tricky briefs we are regularly presented with. Andrew is a budding Steven Spielberg and is currently undertaking a BA Hons in Film Production, which he expects to graduate from this summer. Outside of work, he is 100% dedicated gym goer!

E: andrew@hellofluid.co.uk
T:01625 410300



Production Manager

Brian has worked in design, advertising, exhibition and video production for over 30 years so brings a wealth of experience to the team. He is renowned for his keen eye for detail and creative thinking. His strong aptitude for project management ensures that projects are completed flawlessly, on time and to budget.
E: brian@hellofluid.co.uk
T:01625 410243


Even with all the early mornings, late nights and weekends we still have time for things other than work. Here's just a few of them...

Brainstorming, throwing bad ideas away and moving on to shiny new ideas.
Talking on the phone, thinking about going for lunch, then realising there's no time!.
Getting so carried away with what we’re doing that we forget to put the kettle on.
Artwork and talking about Game of Thrones.
Emailing and deleting 245 junk emails about nice men who want to send us £10m.
Designing, talking about things like “kerning” and telling awful jokes.



Fancy sticking your oar in?

Do you have a head for creative, copywriting, account management or even figures? Fluid is a strong team that's always on the look out for ambitious and talented individuals. We're currently looking for the following positions:


Looking for a creative challenge that will stretch your talents? This is an exciting opportunity to excel in an agency that values passion and commitment. Where you can create exciting work across a wide range of disciplines from press and print to digital and video.

We’re an expanding agency and due to new business wins we’re on the lookout for new talent. We’re in search of a Creative Artworker who’ll be just as happy taking a concept to design stage as you are producing final artwork or laying out brochure spreads from scratch. All with creativity, flair and a can-do attitude. You’ll have an excellent portfolio and proven experience in the industry. Plus, an excellent working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite. Experience of web and video packages, would be beneficial but not essential.

If you’re looking for a pipe and slippers role that will fill the hours between 9 and 5, this is not the job for you. But if you have a passion for great work and want to share your enthusiasm with a team of people that live and breathe creativity, we’d love to hear from you.

Salary circa £25,000 plus bonus, pension and other benefits.

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